Sheldon Patinkin’s deeply felt staging roots Tennessee Williams’s gorgeous coming-of-age drama in a raw, real family who hurt one another when they most want to help. Brendan Donaldson gives the frustrated son and resigned narrator an appropriate restraint. Dina Connolly is a sepia portrait come to life, all fragile yearning as Laura: her candlelit scene with sensitive Jayce Ryan as the gentleman caller is as good as this beautiful bittersweet duet gets. And Mary Ann Thebus is totally immersed in the role of the tough-loving, maternal Amanda, bestowing a sort of blessing on the show. This is a glowing production marred only by the poor sight lines in Gift Theatre’s new Jefferson Park storefront space and by the onstage smoking. Opens Thu 10/27, 8 PM. Through 12/4: Thu-Sat 8 PM, Sun 3 PM. Gift Theatre Company, 4802 N. Milwaukee, 773-283-7071. $15-$25.