In this epic drama, which suffuses dark themes with humor and a grand spiritual agenda, the head guard at a southern prison in 1935 comes to doubt the guilt of a convicted child murderer newly arrived on death row. Much of the three-hour movie takes place in the prison, but the resonant characterization, expansive plotting, and judicious use of exterior locations and flashbacks remove any sense of claustrophobia or sluggishness. Director Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption) adapted a serial novel by Stephen King; with Michael Clarke Duncan and Tom Hanks. Bloomingdale Court, Chatham 14, Ford City, Gardens, Golf Mill, Hillside Square, Hyde Park, Lake, Lake Zurich, Lawndale, Lincoln Village, McClurg Court, Norridge, Northbrook, Quarry, Randhurst, Rice Lake, Ridge, Rivertree Court, 62nd & Western, Streamwood, Village North, Webster Place, Westridge Court, Woodfield, Yorktown, Yorktown Premium. –Lisa Alspector