Sam Shepard’s 1969 drama is set in the lonely American desert badlands, home to witches garbed in coyote skins and demons who hiss like rattlesnakes. Here a dying man struggles to connect with his estranged son, their conflicts exacerbated by the father’s refusal to surrender to death even after being confronted by his own corpse. Anne Unger’s staging for Hunger and Dread at Midnight overcomes the disadvantages of the low-budget space, a white-walled Humboldt Park storefront, to render Shepard’s heavy-handed premise provocative and engaging: she coaxes intelligently focused performances from an ensemble led by Christopher K. McMorris as the stubborn patriarch. Through 11/19: Fri-Sat midnight. Spareroom, 2416 W. North, 312-622-7197. $8-$12 (includes admission to Try! Try!; see separate listing).