If you still miss the campy, feral 50s garage punk of the late, lamented Spaceshits but weren’t too attached to their drummer, this free show is gonna make your Monday. King Khan is the erstwhile Blacksnake, that Montreal band’s slippery bassist, and BBQ was Creepy, the notoriously camera-shy lead singer. In their current duo BBQ makes like a one-man band, playing kick drum, snare, tambourine, and guitar to accompany his inimitable howling vocals, King Khan adds a second guitar and sometimes takes over on the mike. Their first stateside release is scheduled for February on Goner, and on the tracks I’ve heard, the cranked-up Chuck Berry guitar, rockabilly yodels, and oo-mow-mow baritone backups more than compensate for the rudimentary, repetitive drumming, accomplished solely by BBQ’s bare feet. (Must. Destroy. Tambourine.) I just wish I could make out the lyrics to “Fish Fight.” Opening are Milwaukee’s Night Terrors, featuring members of Sagger and the Mistreaters, and the evening begins with the Brian Costello Show–a talk show, not a band. Mon 1/31, 9 PM, Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western, 773-276-3600. Free.