Almost nine years after the brutal murder of gay college student Matthew Shepard, this documentary postmortem by Moises Kaufman’s Tectonic Theater Project has lost some of its gut-wrenching immediacy. What endures is Kaufman and company’s fairness and compassion in presenting the small Wyoming town where the hate crime took place. Even the killers are given their dignity and their due. In terms of design, Fred Anzevino’s production for Theo Ubique Theatre has an austerity that ably suggests the starkness of the American west. But the cast doesn’t always exhibit the same lack of fuss. Characterizations that are often too broad or too stiff fail to capture the townspeople’s unadorned eloquence. –Zac Thompson a Through 6/24: Fri-Sat 8 PM, Sun 7 PM, No Exit Cafe, 6970 N. Glenwood, 773-743-3355, $20.