This mostly fake talk show hosted by “Mark Luge,” which premiered in early 2005, mixes late-night staples–monologues, guests, interviews–with a sketch show’s satirical characters. Steve Waltien, who played alternate host Danny Arthur the night I attended, conjures Craig Kilborn; Jeremy Sosenko as bandleader Mr. T resembles a young Ron Jeremy deadpanning like Paul Shaffer; and Seth Weitberg, the show’s creator, draws the most laughs as sidekick Amit, an easily amused Indian immigrant who tries to be hip to American pop culture. Zany skits–updated weekly–and appearances by actual semicelebrities buoy the appeal. Ultimately, though, the hybrid format is jarring, as the show never satisfactorily imitates or parodies its sources in late-night TV. Open run: Sat midnight, I.O., 3541 N. Clark, 773-880-0199, $5.