The performance duo Cupola Bobber, aka Stephen Fiehn and Tyler Myers, began work on their third evening-length piece by asking a simple question: what comes to mind while gazing at the stars? The answers range from the Voyager spacecraft to the transcontinental railroad to the secret recesses of a strange bedroom late at night. The duo’s streamlined texts and lumbering gestures evolve into a poker-faced meditation on the meaning of distance–which can both confer an all-seeing perspective and place people at a chilly, impersonal remove. Fiehn and Myers, palookas who seem to imagine they’re in toe shoes, combine Goat Island’s pedestrian repetition and Lucky Pierre’s guileless clowning with Beckettian inertia; for much of the piece, Fiehn is mounted on Myers’s back, which brings their efforts to dance to a grinding halt. Attempts to wrest profundity from their cardboard set prove endearingly futile until their world collapses in a coup de theatre of rare sublimity. Sponsored by Link’s Hall; seating very limited. a Through 10/27: Fri-Sat 8 PM, private studio, 1359 N. Maplewood,, $10. –Justin Hayford