Playwright Jez Butterworth’s better-known thriller Mojo is less awful than this group portrait of losers losing–creepy characters obsessed with religion, poetry, assault, child molestation, and their own lousy lives. Two superstitious ex-gardeners (played stupid and sly respectively by Peter Moore and Damian Arnold) live in a decrepit cabin near a Cambridge bog, where each encounter with gratuitously nasty visitors is played as its own dumb dark comedy. Like the script, which promises much and delivers zilch, G.J. Cederquist’s staging quickly degenerates; the acting ranges from bad Beckett to bumpkin-ish Monty Python. The slightest hint of reality would instantly destroy Butterworth’s make-believe. Alas, it never comes. Opens Thu 2/16, 8 PM. Through 3/25: Thu-Sat 8 PM, Steep Theatre, 3902 N. Sheridan, 312-458-0722, $15.