Credit: Megan Mayer

The three choreographers showcased in “Generation Bitch” may be from Minnesota, but their contributions aren’t Minnesota nice—they’re meant to be in-your-face and untraditional. According to curator April Sellers, the pieces put “the female in strong emotional roles, which our culture finds scary.” Amanda Timm, who’s moved to Chicago, presents the third iteration of her frank, queasy Attached at the Heart, now a sextet. Costume magic joins some of its couples at the hip—a mixed blessing as they negotiate the enforced intimacy of a relationship to the tune of Jim Gorton’s folksy banjo-and-kazoo cover of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love?” Sellers supplies two pieces of her own. Described as “local bowling team meets the Supremes,” Instructions to a Fancy Pack is a quartet accompanied by live drumming. A duet, Acceptable Doses, promises to be quieter but darker. Opening the program in the Nisei Lounge (3439 N. Sheffield, next to Links), it explores the psychology of a dancer who’s “gone off the edge.” Catherine Wright offers a similarly moody, Jungian piece called The Demon Familiar.