It started on a cold fall evening in 1952

When a boat transporting salt barreled down the Chicago River, right on cue.

A storm was raging with astronomical rain

As the boat’s crew approached the Elston dock, attempting to stay sane.

They gathered their things, ready to leave

A much needed break from the boat, a timely reprieve.

But they heard something unusual, a movement, a rustle

Something unique amid the hustle and bustle.

The crew hesitated, silent to a fault 

When a little smiley cylinder emerged from the salt.

He huffed, and he puffed, and he cleared his throat

When they saw his one single tooth, appearing afloat.

They approached him, cautiously, to see what they found

The precious, peculiar cylinder could not make a sound.

They picked him up and carried him inside

To his new home at the Morton Salt plant, as his eyes got wide.

The salt was plentiful, the building bold

It was everything he could have imagined, he was instantly sold.

Over the next several decades, hesitance became love

The one they called “Lil’ Salty” fit like a glove.

His joyful presence and companionship graced generations

As he gradually became a local sensation.

When Morton Salt closed and his friends were no longer around

Lil’ Salty’s famous smile became quite a frown.

After years by his lonesome, the Salt Shed was born

Lil’ Salty found new hope, a new home, he was less worn.

You’ll now find him around our venue as everybody’s friend

This story of Lil’ Salty is just the beginning, it is not the end.

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