For the next two weeks, Corn Productions’ campy revisions of the New Testament will run in repertory as the last shows in their Andersonville theater, slated for demolition and condo-bondage in June. It’s a fitting swan song for the storefront space, where so many classic stories have been transformed. In “The Passion Follies,” the Tiff and Mom team has created three remarkably respectful spoofs of Christ’s earthly career: The Madonna in Spite of Herself, Jesus–the Wonder Years, and The Last Dinner Party of Christ, all enthusiastically performed, with clever scores that blend the sublime with the ridiculous. Although their queer satire makes buffoons of the Apostles, the Pharisees, and even the Virgin Mary, Jesus moves through the plays with great dignity. By the time audiences arrive at the rousing finale, “We know not what we do,” it’s clear that “The Passion Follies” both mocks and celebrates humanity’s Three Stooges-style tomfoolery in the idiotic inhabitants of the Holy Land of Berwyn, Illinois. SweetCorn Playhouse, 5113 N. Clark, 773-278-3274. Through May 29: the schedule follows. Wednesdays, 8 PM: The Madonna in Spite of Herself and act one of Jesus–the Wonder Years. Fridays, 8 PM: act two of Jesus–the Wonder Years and The Last Dinner Party of Christ. Saturdays: The Madonna in Spite of Herself at 5 PM, Jesus–the Wonder Years at 6:45 PM, and The Last Dinner Party of Christ at 8:30 PM. Wednesdays and Fridays, $15 per night or $20 for both nights; Saturdays, $10 per show or $20 for the whole evening. –Carol Burbank