The Pat and Tyler Show, Head Cheese-Fat Boss Productions, at Frankie J’s MethaDome Theatre. This late-night sketch-comedy show is a lot like channel surfing–except that there’s something good on most of the channels here, mimicking different kinds of TV shows with great wit and silliness. The Monty Python-esque “British Insult Theatre,” a “Cereal Killers” crime show interviewing the belligerent bunny who killed kids who wouldn’t share their Trix, and an infomercial for a “normal machine” promising 12 hours of happily mindless conformity all benefit from hilarious characterizations relying on familiar types and consistently funny writing.

The central program is a documentary on the road to success for Patrick Z and Tyler B, a “dynamic duo of comedy” who recollect the good old days of their early career with dry humor. Pat Zelinski and Tyler Bohne play themselves–that is, themselves having achieved comic greatness (they concede “it wasn’t always limelight and fame”). They also impersonate people they’ve known along the way, such as a loyal neighborhood friend and two wise guys with a “who’s on first?”-style routine about a rental car.

The show, written by Zelinski and Bohne with additional material by Kevin Foose, offers an eclectic hour of comedy. Danna Southard and Jennifer Koppa round out the risk-taking cast, but the show’s success really rests on the chemistry between the talented titular twosome.