Credit: <br/>Andrew Nawrocki


Where does the
Chicago Architecture Biennial go next?

By Anjulie Rao

Visual Art

Ten best bets for fall visual arts

By Tal Rosenberg


Eve Ewing explains it all

By Aimee Levitt

Ten best bets for fall lit

By Aimee Levitt


Redmoon’s Frank Maugeri is still going strong

By Tony Adler

Ten best bets for fall theater

By Tony Adler


Five best bets for fall dance

By Irene Hsiao


Kellye Howard regularly kills in Chicago, and this
fall she’ll go national

By Emily Wasielewski

Five best bets for fall comedy

By Steve Heisler

Small Screen

Five best bets for fall

By Steve Heisler


Four-alarm film mecca at a former firehouse in Edgewater

By Ben Sachs

Ten best bets for fall movies

By J.R. Jones


Ten concerts and music festivals for your calendar
this fall

By Leor Galil, Deanna
Isaacs, Aimee Levitt, and Peter Margasak

Food & Drink

From Achatz to zebra mussels: the Chicago
Food Encyclopedia

By Aimee Levitt

Seven best bets for fall restaurant openings

By Mike Sula

Five best bets for bar and brewpub openings

By Julia Thiel