In Jeremy Menekseoglu’s new hour-long play for the Dream Theatre Company, a self-appointed savior rescues the victim he creates, hoping to gain unearned fame and gratitude. A man (haunted Giau Truong) visits a bordello/hospital in order to save the mistress his father supposedly abused. But as usual no “good deed” goes unpunished: he ends up stuck there forever, hoping someone will save him. Though there’s some intriguing psychology at play in this study of miserymongers who kill with kindness, as directed by the playwright this tale from the dark side is much more ponderous than its unremarkable revelations warrant. –Lawrence Bommer a Through 4/29: Thu-Sat 8 PM, Sun 7 PM, Side Studio, 1520 W. Jarvis, 773-552-8616, $10-$15.