This “transadaptation” for the GroundUp Theatre by company member Julie Levinson, who moves the action to Martha’s Vineyard during the Me Decade, reiterates that Chekhov got it right the first time. Updates only seem to date his work, diluting the good doctor’s diagnosis of the defining struggle between heartbreak and hope. And Sabrina Lloyd’s staging, in which the acting varies from unearned stridency to slacker silliness, throws away any opportunities for “relevance” the 70s setting promises. The performers’ ages range all of about five years, which destroys Chekhov’s indictment of older artists hostile to change. Without the ensemble empathy of Raven Theatre’s current revival, the characters are just a bunch of whining losers. Disco threads matter less than the truth behind the pain. –Lawrence Bommer a Through 5/13: Thu-Sat 8 PM, Sun 5 PM, Angel Island, 735 W. Sheridan, 773-218-3226 $12-$15.