Kim Morris
Kim Morris Credit: Courtesy the Side Project

“The Kindness of Strangers” is the theme of the Side Project Theatre Company’s second annual storytelling festival, featuring 40 performers and one multi-instrumentalist, Matt Wills, to accompany them. The fest’s three weeks are divided among as many headliners—one per, with a full-length solo piece—while each night begins with a few opening acts telling shorter tales about how their lives have been changed by interactions with strangers.

Week one (10/20-10/23) belongs to Eric Warner, a Fillet of Solo and Saint Louis Fringe Festival vet telling a story about a father he barely knew. Next is Amy Sumpter, a comic actress who appears with the Kates and in the all-female Beastie Boys tribute band She’s Crafty; her contribution is on dreams and the challenges we face in trying to realize them (10-27-10/30). Finally Kim Morris, an actress, playwright, and 2nd Story participant, focuses here on the cumulative effect that small moments can have on a life (11/3-11/6). Openers are, as we mentioned, myriad, and include Julia Borcherts, Don Hall, Coya Paz, and Taylor Bailey.

This story has been updated to reflect a change in the festival lineup.