The Sniffs, at WNEP Theater. Wry Mike Myers look-alike Tony Mendoza and pretty, amazingly flexible Stephanie Sylvester (she does splits! she can bend over backward on a rope ladder!) are like high school cutups using pratfalls, dirty jokes, and stupid human tricks to get attention. Lucky for us these goofballs are charming instead of irritating, but they can’t quite carry their 45-minute late-night sketch show. (It was supposed to be an hour, but their frenetic pacing shortened the evening.)

Mendoza, Sylvester, and director Mike Betette do make some quirky, interesting choices: in one skit both performers masturbate because a view of a lake and a bridge makes them hot; in the best developed, they showcase classic comedy takes, like spitting water at each other and wearing different pained or shocked expressions that become funnier and funnier as they pile up. But a carrot with a backpack that drops on a wire from the ceiling or a running sketch in which Mendoza wears a lizard mask and tries to type and eat a sandwich are just silly. Adequate physical comedians, Mendoza and Sylvester don’t seem to know how to shape their material. The production never falls completely flat, but it also never rises above adolescent humor.