After accumulating a massive following and inspiring a number of copycat acts in the course of their 13 years on the Renaissance Faire circuit, “Dirk Perfect” and “Guido Crescendo,” aka the Swordsmen, bring their swashbuckling comedy show indoors for one night only, in conjunction with Noble Fool Theater Company’s “Wild Card Wednesdays” series. Since these self-styled “bold and stupid men” are, in real life, David B. Woolley and Douglas R. Mumaw–two of America’s foremost fight choreographers–their act features dazzling swordplay in addition to wordplay that’s likewise honed to perfection. This includes swift patter, recitations of mock love poems, and instruction in courtly behavior (men in the audience, be prepared to have your ladies volunteer you for a lesson). Seating at the Noble Fool is limited, so don’t hesitate lest you miss a rare hometown appearance by these comic cavaliers. Noble Fool Theater Company, 8 E. Randolph, 312-630-2631 or 866-288-3665. Wednesday, August 15, 7:30 PM. $20.