In this GroundUp Theatre show, Shakespeare’s play is about former CEO Prospero, now living in the Sunbelt after being forced into early retirement, whose handsome son, Ferdinand, rescues the executive director’s daughter, Miranda, after the company plane crashes. Well, a certain interpretive license is permitted when a production’s battling the disruptions of a neighborhood park, as this one is on its tour of local outdoor venues. And all the roughhousing and broad characterizations–especially Karen Hill as a punk-chic Caliban and Eryn Gauen and Sabrina Lloyd as airhead interns Trincula and Stephany–do enhance rather than interfere with GroundUp’s 90-minute show. Through 8/6: Sat-Sun 5 PM, no show 7/1-7/2 and 7/15-7/16. Call 773-583-4123. 7/8-7/9: Skinner Park, 1331 W. Adams. See for complete schedule. Free.