One positive result of the increased influence of popular culture on fine art is exhibits that are just fun. Three School of the Art Institute graduates calling themselves “The Triumvirate of Ass”–Meg Duguid, Meredith Grover, and Jessica Peterson–are showing six works geared to Dogmatic Gallery’s “aesthetics,” which, they write in their statement, include “crooked walls and the slow earthy smell of the dirt floor in the basement.” The best work, the collectively made Track With Asstastic Hamsters 1-12, has an appealing low-tech goofiness. A track looping around the floor holds transparent plastic balls, each containing a motorized toy hamster to which the artists added clothes and hair. The hamsters’ spinning wheels cause the balls to move along the track, colliding and scattering in a mildly hypnotic study of random processes. When a hamster rolls sideways its wheels spin like the flailing legs of an upside-down turtle, but eventually another bumps it and sets it rolling again–a perhaps unintended metaphor for death and rebirth. Also on view are some individually made works, such as Duguid’s An Attempt to Take Residency in China, a hole dug in the earth of the gallery’s basement, and Grover’s Tapped Keg, cups full of beer arranged in a star-burst pattern around a keg–a joke about gallery openings. Dogmatic, 1822 S. Desplaines, through August 17. Hours are noon to 2 Friday, noon to 6 Saturday, and by appointment; 312-492-6698.