For this late-night offering, Hell in a Handbag Productions camps up a few classic Twilight Zone and Night Gallery episodes, an idea much funnier in conception than in execution. Part of the problem seems to be that entering the Twilight Zone usually requires the company to abandon its preferred era, the late 70s. The best sketch of the lot has nothing to do with Rod Serling: it’s an original piece by David Cerda, Come and Knock at My Door, featuring the deliriously funny Ed Jones as a homicidal yet oddly credible Suzanne Somers, fixated on killing off disloyal former fans. The other five pieces–which run in two parts over two evenings–rarely rise to the same level of gloriously tacky lunacy. Through 10/29: Fri-Sat 11 PM. $15; $25 for both programs. Fri: Night Cher at 20,000 Feet, The Most Unusual Pictures, and Come and Knock at My Door. Sat: Eyes, The Diary, and A Critical Juncture. Theatre Building Chicago, 1225 W. Belmont, 773-327-5252.