Jonathan Tolins’s seriocomic meditation on genetic engineering closed on Broadway in 1993 after 29 performances. I’m astonished it lasted that long. Preachy beyond endurance and nearly bereft of interesting characters, the play makes its simpleminded, heterophobic point early on: in Tolins’s world, an otherwise sensible straight couple would rather abort than have a gay child. Then he repeats it six or seven times. Tolins leavens the tale with a few trendy late-80s-style jokes about brand names, Ivan Boesky, and shopping–and some fascinating lectures about Wagner, delivered by the only three-dimensional character, the put-upon, creative (gay) David. No surprise, Jeremy Hodges as David delivers the only wholly watchable performance in this leaden low-budget revival by the Brown Couch Theatre Company: he’s the only one with a character to play. Everyone else gets a position statement and a costume. Through 2/26: Thu-Sat 8 PM, Sun 3 PM. Profiles Theatre, 4147 N. Broadway, 312-409-2010. $12-$15.