With all the tepid bands coming out of Scotland over the past few years (the cursed Franz Ferdinand, the totally whatever Snow Patrol), it’s nice to finally hear a Scottish outfit with some, uh, balls. Though their name and album artwork–mostly illustrations done in the style of an old elementary-school primer–suggest something terminally effete, the Twilight Sad are actually indie-rock classicists who lean a little to the vicious side: they love melody but pit it against a massive rig of distortion pedals. The long, buzzy songs on their full-length debut, Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters (Fat Cat), are ripe with bitterness and lust, recalling two bands only old people care to remember: Seamonsters-era Wedding Present and Juno. Singer James Graham’s rich Glaswegian drawl, with its long as and os, holds the whole gorgeous mess together. A Northern Chorus and Arwin open. a 8:30 PM, Subterranean, 2011 W. North, 773-278-6600 or 800-594-8499, $8, 18+.