The Unbearable Logic of Being, Galileo Players, at Victory Gardens Theater. This smartly creative sketch-comedy revue shows what happens when science geeks/ class clowns take the spotlight. Written and performed by Christopher Day, Ronnie Feldman, Matt Hovde, Megan Kellie, and Jennifer Shepard, The Unbearable Logic of Being skewers our culture’s weaknesses while making science and philosophy lively.

For the most part tightly written and enthusiastically played, the sketches teach us about ant loyalties (in a steamy film noir-style bit that’s the show’s highlight), number theory, and the legacy of astronomer Tycho Brahe. They offer hypotheses about how Zeppelin came up with his airship and what chickens think–a sketch that’s hilarious both visually and intellectually. We visit the Manhattan Project, where a corps of artists tries to redefine “the concept of bomb,” and witness the radical change in a man who visits the future (one time zone ahead). In another high point, British fops are distracted from dueling by their determination to be the most honorable.

Directed by Margaret DuBe, the show moves at a steady clip (despite some technical glitches opening night). A few of the scenes are so bizarre as to be inscrutable, and others fail to impress, but the show’s handful of weak sketches are easily overlooked.