It sounds like ghastly reality TV: The world’s richest woman returns to her now-impoverished hometown to bribe the locals to murder an upstanding citizen for having seduced and abandoned her decades before. Can money buy justice? Tautly constructed and ethically challenging, Friedrich Durrenmatt’s dark comedy pitilessly exposes people whose values are for hire. Director Jennifer Leavitt Adams wisely gives it a light touch, and the 19 cast members create a trenchant, if occasionally broad, portrait of insidious corruption. Hilary Sanzel is savagely sly as a Lady Bountiful from hell, and Peter Esposito is pitifully human as her target. You’ll never want to buy anything on credit again. Through 8/16: Mon-Wed 8 PM, Steep Theatre, 3902 N. Sheridan, 312-458-9170, $10-$15.