THE WHITE HOUSE MURDER CASE | Black comedy requires actors to ignore bizarre turns of plot while satire demands they keep their distance from the characters. Neither genre is served by Chad Hansing’s earnest naturalistic staging of Jules Feiffer’s play for Fat Kid Productions. Then too, in 1970 it was comically ridiculous to suggest that the president’s advisers would make up intelligence reports or finger the same group of terrorists for every catastrophe. Not so today, and this production pays the price. Feiffer’s script isn’t flawless to begin with: he holds together its first-act satire and second-act mystery with tape and chewing gum. Still, some of the performances–Christopher Meister’s amorally resourceful attorney general, a weird turn by Brian Vogler as a gung ho general, and Matt Andrew and Todd Jackson in surrealistic battle scenes anticipating Monty Python–give some sense of the fun the play should have been. Through 10/17: Thu-Fri 8:30 PM, Sat 8 PM, Sun 3:30 PM. Victory Gardens Theater, first-floor studio, 2257 N. Lincoln, 773-871-3000. $15.