Scrap Mettle Soul’s ensemble collage, made up of the personal stories of Uptown/Edgewater residents, asserts that a community’s health is sustained through shared experience–maybe not long-standing family experience (neighborhoods of multigenerational families are increasingly rare), but the experience of waiting for hours in the same emergency room or contributing holiday clothing to the local scarecrow turned mascot. Artistic director Richard Owen Geer gives this wise, joyous collection, compiled by playwright Jules Corriere and put to music and quirky lyrics by Lloyd Brodnax King, an energetic, well-structured staging enhanced by April Van Dam and Patricio Gabler’s fanciful mural, in which penguins and dragons mingle with citizens, and a police car has ballerina legs instead of wheels. The production also features the life stories of Studs and Ida Terkel, meaningful not only because Studs is a pillar of that particular community but also because he’s proved as a writer that every person’s story is worth telling. Margate Park Community Center, 4921 N. Marine, 773-275-3999. Through May 5: Thursday-Saturday, 7:30 PM; Sunday, 2 PM. $10.