In a welcome departure from whiz-bang holiday spectacles, Redmoon Theater’s annual Winter Pageant creates moody magic with puppets, masks, and other low-tech effects. Now celebrating its tenth anniversary, this family-friendly hour-long show incorporates all that’s best about Redmoon: gorgeous imagery, eerie sound effects, playful music, and participation by dozens of community members, adults and children who build the puppets and perform. This year the production is not so much a story as a fantasia: an old woman cooks an amazing feast, concluding with a souffle made from a rising sun. Her giant oven opens to reveal surreal images: a quail, giraffe, alligator, and fish (among other animals) posing on huge plates; martini glasses dancing drunkenly with slinky forks; women on stilts becoming swaying trees; bird shadows sweeping across the ceiling; dollhouses transformed into puppet theaters. Pulaski Park, 1419 W. Blackhawk, 773-388-9031. December 13-16: Thursday-Friday, 7:30 PM; Saturday, 5 and 7:30 PM; Sunday, 2 and 5 PM. $9.