We’re warned at the start of this evening of “paranormal illusions and theatrical seances” to “believe nothing and trust no one.” As if Dr. Zodiac really needed to encourage our skepticism–it’s quite a challenge to credit his claim that he reads minds with 99.7 percent accuracy. Though he does divine pretty well what his various volunteers are thinking, for the nonbeliever the show is little more than a puzzle–and trying to figure out the tricks is easier when we see him fumbling to make the magic work. Dr. Zodiac apologized for his “rough and rocky” opening night, but it’s just as difficult to believe that he has the charisma to make this show exciting in the future as it is to buy that he can read our thoughts. Through 10/16: Fri-Sat 10 PM. Then 10/29-31: Fri-Sun 10 PM. Live Bait Theater, 3914 N. Clark, 708-268-8403. $25.