Boo Hoo Hoo Boo (Kill Rock Stars), the first full-length from this Vancouver band, is a thick slice of rattletrap avant-pop. It’s built on delirious euphony, manic melodrama, and hyperdynamic arrangements, with an entire album’s worth of ideas tangled into each track. Organ solos, horn parts, xylophones, and bells duke it out with fuzzy synths, fearlessly mewling vocals, pounding jungle drums, and shunted guitar screech–it’s like a turf war between spaz punks and a New Orleans jazz-funeral band. While that would mean a careening mess in the hands of most groups, TSHDT has a firm grasp on the reins, never letting their unhinged live shows and formidable recordings buck away from them. Racebannon and Gospel open. Tue 4/4, 8 PM, South Union Arts, 1352 S. Union, 312-850-1049, $6 suggested donation. All ages.