A show described as “Sex and the City meets Jerry Springer” set in a Las Vegas hotel suite after a bachelor party suggests lap dances, noogies, and lots of “fuckin’ A.” They’re here but serve mainly as a protective shell for the soft, expanding underbellies of a rich assortment of longtime male pals. Scott Woldman’s dialogue isn’t always natural, most of the stories raise at least one plausibility flag, and a couple actors turn gooey maudlin when talking about death and rejection. Still, this seems (as a woman, I can’t know for sure) like an honest portrayal of friendship between guys who’ve shared a wild past and rites of passage into middle age. And it’s certainly funny. Through 4/1: Sat 10 PM, Metropolis Performing Arts Centre, 111 Campbell, Arlington Heights, 847-577-2121, $15.