A strong double bill opens with This Day in History, a sketch show rewritten each week around news linked to the month and day of the performance–such as a magnificent hailstorm in Nebraska on July 6, 1928. Written, performed, and directed by four siblings–onstage are Pat O’Brien and Meagan O’Brien Flanigan, who are savvy enough to pull off this form–it occasionally conjures childhood adventures borne of boredom, but the bits are smart and accessible. Michael Lehrer’s 80s-influenced one-man show Heartbreaker is an entertaining parade of pathetic characters, like an unskilled magician and a delusional speed walker. It ends with a hilarious video of Lehrer getting pummeled at an actual underground boxing match. –Ryan Hubbard a Open run: Fri 10:30 PM, iO, 3541 N. Clark, 773-880-0199, $14.