Credit: William Frederking

Carrie Hanson of the Seldoms creates a four-ring circus in This Is Not a Dance Concert, satirizing audiences and performers but giving both a little love, too. The new, hour-long piece consists of four separate segments of dance and often very funny text (cobbled together from Yelp reviews, the casting call for Spider-Man, dancers’ own stories, and other sources), which are performed simultaneously at four locations in the Harris Theater—two lobbies, the seating area of the auditorium, and backstage. Maria Pinto‘s harlequin-like costumes are sexy patchworks of sequins, fake fur, chiffon, and leather, and musicians at each site play Tim Daisy’s score live (see Three Beats). Divided into four groups of about 50 people each, audience members are guided from station to station until they’ve completed the full circuit. Then they’re rounded up to join the ensemble onstage for a coda that draws everybody into a tight, warm, slightly somber circle.