Credit: Courtesy of Pleasant House Bakery

Owen and Sam, editors, are digging into:

Pies at Pleasant House Bakery For years, food writers have been predicting the death of cupcakes. One by one, macaroons, cookies, and even whoopie pies stepped up to the plate but couldn’t take the title. Now here for the belt and throwing down a big D-Generation X “Suck It”: the savory pie.

Pleasant House Bakery has a simple enough rotation, with steak and ale, chicken balti, mushroom and kale, and cold pork pies available daily and a rotating pie surprise on Thursdays. With each of these served perfectly cooked, complete with buttery crust and juicy hunks of meat (or veggies, if that’s your thing), you really don’t need anything else. For sides? Awesome mash, coriander chutney, and gravy chips (think poutine, but with chips).

If you feel like pairing your pie with Icehouse at home, they offer pies to go for your oven. Oh, and if they’re serving the banana cream-peanut butter pie for dessert, we recommend buying two.

With Pleasant House next door to Maria’s Packaged Goods, you can even swing through for an awesome draft beer or arbitrarily priced beer to go before and/or after.

Jason Robert Bell
, artist, is flipping through:

The Incal The Incal, a collection by Alejandro Jodorowsky (Holy Mountain, El Topo) and Moebius (the original Heavy Metal magazine cartoonist visionary), is a real page-turner that takes readers to the far reaches of their own imaginations and back again. The 1990s lackluster sci-fi flick The Fifth Element borrowed heavily from The Incal, which is a shame, but the original material is of a higher caliber. Jodorowsky is on par with fellow magician Alan Moore, but without the “superhero” trappings—rather a space opera with social and political absurdist humor taking place backstage of an archetypal fool’s journey. I recently was able to hear Jodorowsky speak in person (albeit in broken English), and I think we (society) are seeing him transition from cult figure to elder statesman of a much-needed alchemical marriage of art with Eros and magic in the Ioan P. Culianu sense of the those ideals. Related to The Incal is the Metabarons series that deals with family dynamics on a cosmic scale.

Michael Larimer, stand-up comedian, is energized over:

ESPN3 college basketball I have been loving watching the end of all these great college basketball games lately. I refuse to watch a game until there are five minutes left on the clock, which in real time is around a good half hour, if the game is close. You get all the drama you need between two teams you thought you had no emotional investment in. My heart can’t help but get involved with these players and coaches fighting for their teams and their careers. Usually by the time the clock has just a few ticks left on it, I am screaming at the TV and have developed a deep-seated hate for a team like Florida A&M and passionate, unbridled love for a team like Delaware State. Some people cry at Hallmark commercials, others while watching ESPN3 on a Thursday afternoon.