Ben Fasman, DJ and bar manager of Big Star is plumbing the depths of:

Fish-Work: The Bering Sea Long before Deadliest Catch was a hit TV show, Corey Arnold was a fledgling photographer trying to pay back art school loans. He got a job on a deep-sea crabbing boat and managed to document his years spent deep in the Bering Sea in his book, Fish-Work.

Visions of ends-of-the-earth oceans so vast that they almost seem apocalyptic coexist with shots of what life is actually like for these men who perform the most dangerous job in America: swells the size of buildings, hilarious high jinks, industrial steel rigging covered with what seems an insurmountable layer of ice, and maniacal amounts of dead crabs, circling gulls, and a myriad of other sea creatures.

I know it sounds trite but images of nature this untamed and volatile still inspire awe in a city kid like me. He and Cody Hudson had a brilliant two-man show here a few years back; local gallery owners, consider this my plea to bring his work back to Chicago.

Credit: Eric Williams

Samantha Irby, blogger at Bitches Gotta Eat is all ears for:

Grown Folks Stories We are incredibly lucky, as writers and readers, to live in a city that has so many live literary events. There are so many shows that it can be pretty overwhelming to figure out which ones to go to. They’re all good, and you won’t be disappointed no matter which one you choose.

One of my favorites, though, is Grown Folks Stories. Held the third Thursday of every month in Wicker Park at the Silver Room, the vibe is different from most of the shows in the city. No all-star lineup, no reading from prepared text, just a bunch of warm familiars hanging out, drinking wine out of plastic cups and telling all kinds of personal stories.

But only for five minutes. That’s the deal: you get five minutes to make a room full of people laugh, or cry; then wash, rinse, repeat. It’s an amazing thing to witness. I hope to see you there and I want to hear your story. You’ve got five minutes.

Demetri Kouvalis, owner of the Patio Theater is donning 3-D glasses for:

Prometheus If there is a movie to go see this month, take the time to see Ridley Scott’s newest masterpiece, Prometheus. At first I was worried that the movie would befall the typical summer blockbuster nonsense such as Battleship, but I was pleasantly surprised. Scott returns to his epic patented look with gorgeous and haunting visuals, an eerie soundtrack, and top-of-the-line production design and special effects.

It does help that my Hollywood crush, Charlize Theron, plays a stern, by-the-book commander of the ship (named Prometheus). If you get a chance watch the film in 3-D you definitely should. The extra three dollars will be worth your while, as Scott expertly uses depth to illuminate ghostly landscapes and impressive sci-fi models.

You don’t have to be an Alien fan to enjoy the movie, but you’ll appreciate it all the more.