Matt, your friendly Bulls blogger from, is tuning in to:

The Ricky Gervais Show cartoon An animated version of the best bits of HBO’s Ricky Gervais Show features the exuberant wit of its titular ringleader and his equally brilliant writing partner Stephen Merchant. But its real star is (as they call him) the “round-headed buffoon” Karl Pilkington.

Karl’s unique, bizarre view of the world is so unintentionally hilarious that you’d almost think it was scripted if it wasn’t so perfect. Well-meaning but easily annoyed, Karl knows just enough about a topic to have a ridiculous opinion, and Gervais and Merchant are masters at getting him to dig himself into ideological holes. There are moments of wisdom that only a simpler person could reason, but many more where his opinion is simply stupid. The ability of the animation to create the world as Karl sees it adds to the improvisational nature of the conversation. More precise, scripted comedies may force you to acknowledge their humor, but the absurdity of this show gets me cackling.

A. Laurie Palmer, visual artist, is embracing collaboration thanks to:

A Star Is a Seed I have twice visited and want to return again and again to Cauleen Smith’s deliriously joyful and expansive installation A Star Is a Seed, on view at the MCA through September 16. I want to sit again on one of the furry bouncy balls and watch—rapt—and listen.

In this space, I feel the enormous potential and current realities of the south side conjoin in a vision that is rooted in Afro-Futurism and the sounds of experimental jazz musician Sun Ra. It materializes itself today in such creative projects as the South Shore Drill Team, the Solar Flare Arkestral Marching Band, Blackstone Bike Co-op, Dorchester Projects, the ongoing AACM, and in Cauleen Smith’s seriously inventive and generous filmmaking.

Jessica Deahr, dancer-choreographer, is tapping her toes for:

Dance in the Parks Now in its fourth year, Dance in the Parks is an amazing program that produces free outdoor dance performances at neighborhood parks in the Chicagoland area. The program draws from professional Chicago-based choreographers and dancers and kicked off July 17 at Haas Park in Logan Square.

The lineup of choreographers this year includes Lizzie MacKenzie, Robert McKee, Peff Modelski, Laura Wade, Ronn Stewart, Peter Carpenter, Wade Schaaf, and Emily Stein. Bring a blanket and a picnic dinner and watch a talented cast of five bring these choreographers’ work to life in a relaxed, casual setting. Several of the venues host a free salsa dance class the day before their performance date; that way you can test out your own dancing shoes and appreciate the performance the next day that much more!