Amy Creyer, photographer behind, is marveling at:

Jellies Blame it on my astrology sign. As a Pisces, I’ve always found myself drawn to aquatic environments. Of all the incredible cultural institutions that make Chicago one of the world’s most influential cities, none is more special to me than the Shedd Aquarium. This year I even took the day off work to celebrate my 26th birthday at the Shedd.

While I adore everything from the beluga whales to the wild reef, their current special exhibit on jellyfish might just be my favorite. Growing up on the East Coast as a child meant I was stung enough times while swimming in the Atlantic Ocean to develop a healthy respect for the translucent creatures. Watching these alienlike life-forms twinkle with rainbow light is an incredible experience that highlights the diversity of life on our planet and drives home the sublime power of evolution. The magic of spending a day at the aquarium transcends age; you’re never too old to visit the Shedd.

Coyote DeGroot, owner of Labrabbit Optics, is relieving his cabin fever with:

The Queen of Black Magic A dislocated toe left me less mobile than normal this weekend, and with the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival in full swing outside my window, any activity requiring full concentration was impossible. Of the trio of vintage Indonesian exploitation films that provided welcome respite, The Queen of Black Magic was the most balanced and inventive of the three.

In a quaint mountain village, a young woman named Murni is spurned by her lover in favor of another woman and is subsequently thrown over a cliff by her fellow villagers. A hermit/shaman nurses her back to health and schools her in the black arts. Predictably, her flirtations with dark forces lead to her eventual undoing, but not before she uses swarms of killer bees, quicksand, baby stealing, voodoo dolls, abdominal swelling, masses of worms, and flying boulders to exact her revenge on the townspeople. Murni eventually enchants her ex-lover, causing him to tear off his own head, which then flies around and bites people—an uncomfortable yet lyrical highlight.

Sara Bassick, bassist of Summer Girlfriends, is pampering her puppy with:

Happy Trails As a huge dog lover, I’ll take any chance I get to pal around with some puppies. Luckily, the rescue organization where I adopted my dog Baxter, One Tail at a Time, hosts a great event once a month called Happy Trails.

For a minimal donation, pet owners can join dog-friendly neighborhood tours led by trainer Emily Stoddard from Canine Sports Dog Training. Each month One Tail at a Time picks an interesting neighborhood and hosts a guided tour for you and your pooch, stopping off at dog-friendly businesses for treats and water. Stoddard also provides training tips along the way. This is a great way to explore a new neighborhood while getting some fresh air and exercise for the furry friends in your life.