Three Blondes Walk into a Bar, Euphemism Here Productions, at the Space. The 18 sketches here are written and performed by three women–Emily Boardman, Jenn Remke, and Jay Steigmann–and written and directed by one man, Jason Williams. Sometimes comic, sometimes poignant, they’re often imbued with an earnest, intelligent, somewhat nostalgic feminism. There are bits about body image, breast cancer, lesbianism, and female role models, for instance. But there are also sweet, silly sketches, like an interpretive dance set to music from the TV show The Greatest American Hero and a laugh-out-loud diatribe about being named Jennifer. (Or maybe it’s hysterical only to other Jennifers. I’m not objective here.)

Boardman’s somewhat creepy skits are creative, humorous standouts: in one, a woman who calls herself the “asshole assassinator” wipes out inconsiderate fiends everywhere; in another, a student about to hang herself tries to convince another to talk her out of it. All the sketches, though, showcase women with backbones of steel, quick minds, and a perverse love of pop-culture joys: Barbie, Diff’rent Strokes, Luke Skywalker.

The evening is swiftly paced, and the three performers have crack timing. Unfortunately the last 20 minutes of this 90-minute show lag, and be sure to wear a sweater–the small, drafty Space is unheated.