Galactic Zoo Dossier’s Three Million Tongues festival showcases outsider, experimental, and underground music for three nights at the Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western; there’s also a Thursday-night preparty at Rodan, 1530 N. Milwaukee. “Sideshow” acts perform between main-stage sets. Admission is $12 each night for the Bottle shows, and the preparty is free. Call 773-276-3600 for more information or 866-468-3401 for tickets.


10:00 Preparty at Rodan with Sikhara (members of the Radon Ensemble); DJ sets before and after the band by Plastic Crimewave Sound and Frankie Delmane. F


9:00 Bert Jansch c, Steve Mackay & the Radon Ensemble c, Spires That in the Sunset Rise, Nick Schillace. Sideshow sets by Frankie Delmane, Folk & Violence, Michael Young.


9:00 Charalambides c, Michael Yonkers with the Blind Shake, Dreamweapon c, Singleman Affair. Sideshow sets by Hands of Hydra, J. Glenn, Yellow Universe.


9:00 Smegma c, White/Lichens, Burning Star Core, Aleks & the Drummer. Sideshow sets by Joy Poppers, Skog Device, Th’ Exceptional Child.