1909 W. North


“W ant a beer?” Lindsay McKay asks, pulling a draft of PBR from a keg in a fancy minicooler. I’m not getting special treatment–McKay, owner of the new Bucktown men’s boutique TK Men, beers most of her (legal) customers on arrival. The guys are encouraged to watch wrestling DVDs on the large-screen plasma, play a little Xbox, and then maybe look around when they’re comfortable. The shop’s designed to look very dudely, too, like a cross between a bachelor pad (framed vintage Playboy covers and pinups) and a skate park (fixtures made of steel pipe and chain-link fence). Tried-on clothes tend to pile up on the vintage Brunswick pool table, including supersoft T-shirts by EFCI (around $85), McKay’s own ties ($90 to $95), and perfect slim wool jackets by the LA duo Mr. Winter, complete with psychedelic silk lining ($550)–all carried exclusively by TK Men in Chicago–and Stitch’s jeans (around $285). Accessories include King Baby’s braided leather cane, topped with a solid silver skull ($3,500), and belt buckles concealing folding knives McKay says she bought off “some motorcycle hillbillies in California” ($100).