The London four-piece TODD works a tricky kind of reverse ambush on its second full-length, last spring’s Comes to Your House (Southern). The album is front-loaded with screaming evil, and at first you think you understand exactly what kind of maniacs you’re dealing with–front man Craig Clouse used to play guitar in Hammerhead, after all. But as the numbing tide of riffage and bellowing continues to roll over your head, you start to notice there’s a bunch of songwriters swimming around in there. They’ve got a cunningly melodic rock ‘n’ roll sensibility that’s too strong to fully disguise, and they’re no doubt watching the exciting developments in underground metal from their skanky little peephole as well. I expect great things from these folks in the future; this is their first U.S. tour.

Indiana’s RACEBANNON shouldn’t need much of an introduction so close to home, but since these hairy, fake-gore-spattered louts haven’t released a record since 2002, a refresher might be in order: think hardcore-inflected, meat-grinding Jesus Lizard rock with a stuttery, slightly Beefhearty delivery and a deliriously trashy sense of showmanship. A split LP with Funeral Diner is due soon, as is their new album, IV: Acid or Blood; if the preview track on their MySpace page isn’t appetizer enough, the Alone Records compilation The Inevitable may help.

Todd headlines, Racebannon plays second, and FT (the Shadow Government) opens. a 10 PM, Beat Kitchen, 2100 W. Belmont, 773-281-4444 or 866-468-3401, $8, 18+.