Like his two earlier novels, Tony Lindsay’s Chasin’ It is set on Chicago’s south side and examines spirituality, family ties, redemption, and black pride. A pulp thriller reminiscent of the novels of Donald Goines and Iceberg Slim, it depicts the life of Terri Parish, a drag queen, ex-convict, and crack addict who turns tricks downtown. When he’s beaten up by a customer he knew in prison, Parish sets the guy on fire, takes off in his Chevy Blazer, which happens to be loaded with cash and drugs, then hides out in West Pullman. Parish is defiantly open about his sexuality. When he reunites with an early lover who dumped him for women he tells him, “After the tears and the burning of your grandmother’s dresses, I stood naked and looked in the mirror, and without the dresses I saw a girl with a thang. I saw a boy that liked boys. I saw a sissy. And wasn’t shit I could do about it.” Lindsay, a Chicago native, will read from Chasin’ It at noon on Friday, July 16, at Afrocentric Bookstore, 333 S. State, 312-939-1956.