Triple Goddess, Camenae Ensemble Theatre Company, at the Chase Cafe. The three McKeever sisters reunite at a remote summer cabin in order for smart Maura and matronly Althea to ease youngest sibling Kendra through methadone withdrawal. Althea has packed an emergency supply of the stuff in case the ordeal proves too excruciating. Maura has packed an emergency supply of Jameson’s for herself–and is the first to succumb to the situation’s opportunities for compulsive candor.

Sara Keely McGuire has crafted a remarkably articulate play given the potentially cumbersome conventions of the locked-room/family-therapy genre and the use of soliloquies, prayers to pagan goddesses, and excerpts from Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market.” Director Bernadine Ann Tippet cleverly evades the liabilities of the Chase Cafe, substituting musical bridges for blackouts during matinees in the skylit room, for example. And if Dana Januszyk as Althea and Alison Royer as Maura wear their characters like masks, Tammy Stackpoole as the laconic Kendra is so immersed in her role that we want to shout encouragement to her during her moment of crisis.

East Rogers Park has seen an influx of shoe-box performance spaces occupied by innovative companies. With this world premiere, the Camenae Ensemble can be added to the roster.