Killer image: having failed to best Trojan hero Hector in a fair fight, Achilles–Greek demigod, battlefield diva–has him ambushed at his bath. The sight of a loincloth-clad Hector lifted on spears recalls everything from the Laocoon to the Crucifixion–and indicates the best reason for seeing this production of the Bard’s disjointed Trojan War story: director Barbara Gaines’s bravura visual gestures. Her staging can get way overzealous in its attempts to (a) camouflage Shakespeare’s lack of narrative focus, (b) establish contemporary parallels (one character seems to have AIDS), and perhaps also (c) out-lurid Robert Falls’s King Lear. But it also keeps things lively, sumptuous–even occasionally thought provoking–over approximately 175 minutes of running time. –Tony Adler a Through 6/24: Tue 7:30 PM, Wed 1 and 7:30 PM (no 1 PM show 5/9), Thu-Fri 7:30 PM, Sat 3 and 8 PM, Sun 3 PM, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Navy Pier, 800 E. Grand, 312-595-5600, $50-$67.