If the Buddha Dated: A Handbook for Finding Love on a Spiritual Path, by Charlotte Kasl, PhD (Arkana, $10.95).

Synopsis: The deep serenity and spiritual path offered by Buddhism can help you get a date, or at least write a personal ad.

Representative quote: “Join me on the magical mystery tour. Spirited woman: art teacher, 43, fit, playful, creative. Seeking like-minded person who values intimacy, integrity, and community.”

Noteworthy flaw: The Buddha got married at 16, to his cousin, then later abandoned her and their baby.

All About Us, by Philipp Keel (Broadway Books, $12.95).

Synopsis: One hundred and sixteen pages of probing, frank questions that might improve the few relationships they don’t destroy first.

Representative quote: “A physical characteristic of your partner’s you find very unattractive: A:______ B: ______.”

Noteworthy flaw: Beside the notion that complete candor helps a relationship, the question: “Baby corn freaks you out.

( )Yes ( )No.”

Useless Sexual Trivia, by Shane Mooney (Fireside, $12).

Synopsis: A mass of sexual facts, half facts, and nonfacts arranged in no particular order.

Representative quote: “During the Victorian era it was considered improper to have sex on a Sunday.”

Noteworthy flaw: Some of the stuff isn’t even really about sex: “It was common at most Greek games for the participants to be completely nude.”