All You Need is Love…and 99 Other Life Lessons From Classic Rock Songs, by Pete Fornatale and Bill Ayres (Fireside, $11).

SYNOPSIS: The Eagles’ “Lyin’ Eyes” and 99 other popular tunes are plumbed for life lessons and deep emotional truths. Includes questions to guide self-analysis.

Representative quote: “When you sense that someone has lying eyes how do you handle the situation? Do you confront or do you keep the information in mind and wait for the appropriate time to see if it is accurate?”

Noteworthy flaw: Suggests that the use of “Spirit in the Sky” in recent TV commercials is evidence of an afterlife.

Altars Made Easy: A Complete Guide to Creating Your Own Sacred Space, by Peg Streep (Harper-SanFrancisco, $16).

SYNOPSIS: Mix and match sacred symbols from the world’s faiths to create your own personal shrine. Be creative: pair a Buddha with a pentagram, the Virgin Mary, and a photo of your dog. It’s holy if you say it is!

Representative quote: “There is no ‘right’ way of creating sacred space or using it….How sacred space is created is entirely up to the individual.”

Noteworthy flaw: Says it’s OK to festoon your altar with swastikas, if you like. “Long before it was debased as a Nazi emblem, the swastika was a sacred symbol in cultures all over the world.”

Second Wives: The Silent Struggle, by Christine Thomas (Fender Publishing Company, $14.95).

Synopsis: Second wives have not only been “cast aside by society, stereotyped, scorned, and held in derision,” but they also have to deal with those bitches, the first wives.

Representative quote: “Vindictive, spiteful, manipulative, greedy, deceitful, lazy [40 more derogatory adjectives]…insane, psychotic, schizophrenic, and downright bitchy. Sound like anyone you know?”

Noteworthy flaw: Claims that since the divorce rate is near 50 percent “every other married woman you meet is a second wife”–untrue since the remarriage rate is not 100 percent.