Help Your Child to Perfect Eyesight Without Glasses, by Janet Goodrich (Celestial Arts, $17.95).

Synopsis: Eyeglasses are “optical crutches” foisted upon clear-eyed children by the global optometry industry, unnecessarily, since perfect sight can be maintained by proper parental attention.

Representative quote: “The dimming of once bright, sharp eyes is a signal to interact with your child. The artificial clarity of robot-goggles obscures the constant opportunities to lead children toward naturally clear vision.”

Noteworthy flaw: Includes many songs to inculcate proper eye practices in children: “If you’re happy and you know it blink a lot….”

The Happily Ever After Handbook: 52 Things You Can Do to Freshen Up Your Marriage, by Daniel Klein (Andrews McMeel Publishing, $14.95).

Synopsis: There’s really no point to talking out your conflicts in marriage. That’s a drag. Go white-water rafting instead. Have a pillow fight. The sillier the better.

Representative quote: “One person ties their right ankle to the other person’s left ankle….Try doing this during the half hour after dinner when there are chores to be done.”

Noteworthy flaw: The author, a man, suggests: “Try to make love whenever your partner wants to–even if you are not particularly in the mood.” Nice try, pal.

Lessons from the Light: Extraordinary Messages of Comfort and Hope from the Other Side, by George Anderson and Andrew Barone (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, $23.95).

Synopsis: Author of We Don’t Die explains that, contrary to common wisdom, speaking with the dead in the hereafter is easy and can be done whenever you want to, on schedule.

Representative quote: “When it is time for me to work, the souls will begin making their presence known and I will feel a whirring in my head, very much like a generator starting up.”

Noteworthy flaw: Author’s jacket-flap bio includes “he has been recognized by many people in religious orders . . . [and] featured extensively in newspapers and on television” but forgets to mention that he can speak with the dead in heaven.