The complete book of beer drinking games, by Andy Griscom, Ben Rand, and Scott Johnston (Mustang Publishing, $8.95).

Synopsis: Drink the most beer and win competing against your friends with these 50 fun beer drinking games, such as Chug Boat, Beer Golf, Shot-a-Minute, and Blaster Bust, presented in order of escalating tendency to cause regurgitation.

Representative Quote: “Players gather around the keg, and the first player affixes his mouth to the tap.”

Noteworthy Flaw: Party-down tone of book is momentarily dampened by harsh publisher’s note beginning: “Excessive alcohol consumption is extremely dangerous and can lead to sickness and even death…”

The Art of Breathing, by Nancy Zi (Vivi Company, $12.95).

Synopsis: People think breathing is automatic but it’s not. Every human being has a core, literally, a spot two to five inches below his or her belly button. Breathing exercises enhance the functioning of this core.

Representative Quote: “The more you practice breathing to the core, the more energy it stores and is prepared to release, thus becoming a stronger pivot point for your physical, mental and emotional balance and control.”

Noteworthy Flaw: Suggests singing either Oh, What a Beautiful Morning or Don’t Worry, Be Happy as “a way of awakening both your body and your mind with conscious breathing.”

The Little Black Book of Dating Ideas, by John Graham, Stuart Ough, and Morgan Taylor (Andrews and McMeel, $7.95).

Synopsis: It’s difficult for young people to think up things to do on dates, so lists of helpful ideas come in handy.

Representative Quote: “Take a survival course together like Outward Bound, self-defense or CPR. Learn how to milk a cow if you don’t know how. Make homemade ice cream.”

Noteworthy Flaw: Published under the “buzz boxx” imprint, which feels obligated to begin each book with a mindless little manifesto hailing “the lost generation…slackers…generation x…whiners…whatever.”

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