CHUNKS: A BARFOLOGY, by Elissa Stein and Kevin Leslie (St. Martin’s, $6.95).

Synopsis: Vomiting, whether caused by illness or binge drinking, is interesting and funny, as demonstrated by these 34 detailed, first-person accounts of regurgitation. One of the authors dedicates the book to his parents.

Representative Quote: “I passed out for a while and then woke up feeling violently nauseous and having to take a particularly nasty dump. Still soused, I vomited into the bathroom garbage can…”

Noteworthy Flaw: Readers are invited to contribute to Chunks 2.

Jesus and the holocaust: reflections on suffering and hope, by Joel Marcus (Doubleday, $14.95).

Synopsis: The Holocaust and the crucifixion of Jesus are parallel events that can be usefully juxtaposed to better appreciate and understand each.

Representative Quote: “If the innocent do suffer in this world–and they do–isn’t it more comforting to believe that their suffering has some higher purpose than to think that it doesn’t?”

Noteworthy Flaw: Comforting to whom?

The Attentive Heart: Conversations with trees, by Stephanie Kaza (Shambhala, $16).

Synopsis: The author, “an environmentalist, Buddhist, and feminist,” shares her deep respect for and communication with trees. She regrets that so many California forests were cut down to make room for vineyards.

Representative Quote: “I was proud of my twenty foot by six foot compost pile. But I was lonely. Days went by without anyone reaching out to me.”

Noteworthy Flaw: In the book’s acknow-ledgments, Kaza recognizes particular species of trees–“I am especially grateful to coast live oaks and redwoods”–and expresses remorse for the trees sacrificed to make paper to print the book.

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