NOT FADE AWAY: THE ON-LINE WORLD REMEMBERS JERRY GARCIA, edited and with introduction by David Gans (Thunder’s Mouth Press, $14.95).

SYNOPSIS: Fans of the Grateful Dead use cyberspace to react to the news of Jerry Garcia’s death, recollecting the deep impact the band has made on their lives. “The first book produced primarily from the Internet.”

REPRESENTATIVE QUOTE: “The summer of 1971, I was living with some buddies from high school and college, in La Jolla (most of us went to UCSD). One day Bob and I were returning from driving up to Del Mar to score a lid, and up on the mesa just north of the campus we saw a hitchhiker…[another 100 words never mentioning Garcia or the Dead] sampled the freshly acquired herb, and got down to the serious business of entertainment. We were planning to see the Dead that night, so we made a special trip to downtown San Diego to get a ticket for Jonathan. This entire encounter more or less confirmed me on the hippie path. I don’t remember much about that show.”

NOTEWORTHY FLAW: “No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, digital, or otherwise), without the prior written permission …”

HOW TO TALK WITH YOUR ANGELS, by Kim O’Neill (Avon Books, $4.99).

SYNOPSIS: Everyone in the world has at least two guardian angels who are constantly trying to impart information about the future, if only people are open enough to receive it. Communicating with angels is easy and anyone can do it.

REPRESENTATIVE QUOTE: “Reviewing your list of questions, choose the one you feel is most important, and then say aloud: ‘I wish to speak with my Angels. This is my first question….’ In the beginning, it is important to speak out loud to your Angels to establish in your mind that you are actually communicating with someone other than yourself….After you have asked your first question, remain silent for a moment. You can usually expect to receive Angelic feedback in as little as fifteen to twenty seconds.”

NOTEWORTHY FLAW: Criticizes “thinking” as an interference with angelic insight and gives tips on how to avoid it. “How will you know if your brain has shut off? By the peace you feel internally.”

18 NATURAL WAYS TO LOOK & FEEL HALF YOUR AGE, by Norman D. Ford (Keats Publishing, $10.95).

SYNOPSIS: People get old because they fail to maintain a healthy diet and vigorous exercise regimen. Doing so will keep your body from aging and prevent the disease normally associated with it.

REPRESENTATIVE QUOTE: “Science has also discovered that it is actually abnormal to feel old and feeble before age 82. Some physicians even believe that most deaths before age 82 might be considered a form of suicide caused when people choose to throw away their youth and health.”

NOTEWORTHY FLAW: Back in the days when most people had hardly any body fat, engaged in hard physical labor, and ate minimally processed foods and rarely any meat, the average lifespan was about 40.

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